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Owlerton Evangelical Church is an independent congregation of Christians who are in membership with the Wesleyan Reform Union ( They hold the deeds to our building ). We welcome all people to our services and meetings, regardless of their age or background. The communion service that we hold twice monthly ( 1st Sunday morning and 3rd Sunday evening ) is open to all people who truly believe in Jesus Christ as their Saviour from sin and can testify of repentance towards God and are walking in fellowship with God’s people.


As a congregation we seek to give pre – eminence to the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we teach and practise. What we believe about the Lord Jesus can be found on the link to our Beliefs page. In our congregation you will meet different people who all have one thing in common – that they have personally come to know Christ  as their Saviour. Some were converted as children or teenagers, others came to know Christ in their middle or retirement years. As a congregation we take seriously Christ’s command for us to love God and love our neighbours whoever they might be.


The Bible is the source of everything that we believe and teach at Owlerton Evangelical Church. We believe that every word of the Bible, as recorded in the original manuscripts, is “God breathed”. So when we read the Bible we are reading the very words of God Himself. The preaching and teaching of the Bible is central in all our services and meetings. All members of the church accept the Basis of Faith that you can find on our Beliefs page. The Minister and Elders also hold to a further Statement of Faith in the historic 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. As a church we are not ecumenical, but we do seek fellowship with all other churches which, like ourselves, are Bible – believing.

The Minister is also a member of the Yorkshire Reformed Ministers Fellowship that meets monthly.


As a congregation we take seriously Christ’s command to take the Good News of the Gospel to every person in the world. We do this locally throughout the year by visiting the homes around us in Sheffield with literature. During the Spring and Summer we have a regular stand of witness in the Shopping Centre in Hillsborough. This is usually on a Thursday. Besides this we support other Christians who take the Gospel to people in our own country and other countries around the world.

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